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Thursday, October 16, 2003


But anywhooo .. I had the great chance to watch Kill Bill: Vol1 here, right now, first show on Australian opening day ... I am wondering when Fiji will get it. Funny actually, as in many cases Fiji seems to get stuff far earlier than AU ... often only a week after US release ... in this Fiji really rocks ...

Anyways ... this film ROCKS .. it rocks so hard that I want and watch it again RIGHT NOW ... and i may actually do so .. but maybe I will just wait and go see it with Ritsu tonight ...

I know that this will not be a film for everyone .. it is very much a film for geekish film lovers .. I wonder actually how the female 'romance movie' crowd will like the film ... the screening I attended was 95% male audience ... but then again it is not you regular guy-action-movie ... first of all it is a huge display of women empowerment ... and being a Q.T. movie .. it just IS smarter .. looks VERY beautiful ... plays with chronology ... has an animated segment ... and the soundtrack is very very good (need to go look for CD now)

Very glad that once in a while there are movies that make me fall in love with "the movies" in general again ...

After that I did some shopping and for dinner we boarded the CityCat and went to Brett's Warf.

That was unfortunatelly only the beginning of yet another dinner odyssy, as it turned out that the restaurant there was allegedly fully booked out and there was no way they could squeeze us in, we probably looked to touristy and they did not want to give us their emergency table. So we had a fun ride back, taking in the City Lights (click for video clip) and went to Southbank and tried the turkish restaurant Ahmet's there ... Not sure how authentic the food is, but the setting was nice and the food very tasty (and lots of it) ... service unfortunately was very slow. When after a long wait our waitress showed up, she was very nice .. it just took way too long.

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