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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

So, as for the rest of Tuesday, Day #3 of the Brisbane Chronicles:

I had a kebab for lunch, not very turkish, but very yummy. They have developed kebab making into a well greased production process, similar to "Subways" sandwiches. I returned to the hotel, taking pictures of all those colorful boxes below:

And now, what may that be? According to some article I somewhat read (half), these are the traffic light control boxes (thus one on each street corner) and they had the fab idea to have local artists paint them. Pretty neat idea, much better than the regular grey ... in some cases the artists tried to find some connection to the location, like the lady with the shopping car is close to a supermarket ... I saw one which tried to blend it in with the marble of the building in the back, but that looked just weird.

I left the hotel again right away to try a new mode of transportation, the ferries! There are several different ones. Smaller, slower boats for the river crossings and more short distance travel, and then there is the "CityCat" ... a fairly fast thing, which only does express stops. So first I took a smaller one to get to Southbank again, and here is a little 1 minute video clip of that trip, nice pics of the skyline, and visual proof that it is not always sunny there. On my way back I too the CityCat and noticed the speed difference .. very nice.

Back at the hotel at 4 PM and the room was not made up yet ... grrrr ... So I went out to find a closer supermarket and returned aroung 5 and Ritsu came at 5:12 PM ... and the cleaning people finally came at 5:30 ... yeah ...

We the headed to another sushi place called "Sushi Station" ... why all those kaiten sushi places need a train reference ??? Well .. if some place needs it .. it is this one ... food does not go around on a conveyor belt ... but on a large model train!!! ... which causes an interesting dilemma ... at other places you keep a constant eye on the belt, to not miss anything that might be of interest ... in this case .. once the train is gone, it takes about 2 minutes until it passes you again .. which gives extra time to conversation, but can be frustrating if you are really hungry ... but then again, just ask the sushi chef and tell him what you want ... We had: Tuna, Snapper, Salmon, Ikura, Scallop and Unagi Nigiri Sushi, Fishball and Chicken Yakitori, and Inari. Very nice, so .. we plan an going back .. the waitress was a bit puzzled when we asked for those little bowls to put your soy sauce in ... i mean .. that we even had to ask was weird ...

We then headed again to Southbank to the theatre and enjoyed the Musical "Sweeny Todd" .. quite well done, eyecandy, interesting story ... some semi plotholes I still try to figure out ... But for us it was a marvolous treat ..

Trip back home was the fast CityCat ferry, this time a first for Ritsu .. she enjoyed it a lot. We are planning a longer trip on that boat .. maybe tomorrow night to go for dinner.

As a little goodnight thing: Here is the moon over Storey Bridge, just a few hours ago .

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