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Sunday, October 19, 2003

So, we are back save and sound in rainy Suva.

The trip was ok .. after waking up and making apple-pancakes with butterscotch sauce for Ritsu, we finished up packing and left for the airport. Checkin, waiting, boarding plane, no problems ... on the flight were some scary 15 minutes of pretty massive turbulences, but we arrived in Nadi on time. We rushed to get to the domestic counter to see if we can get on an earlier flight to Suva, and we got lucky ... well, sort of ... all the flights were totally delayed ... our flight was supposed to fly at 8:15 PM (from what I understand it departed then at 9:30) ... so, we indeed got on an earlier flight, the 6:30, which left at 8 .. so .. this was a good thing ...

Since it was raining and very windy, we had a pretty scary roller coaster ride ... but the landing itself then was very smooth. Luggage was all accounted for and we took a taxi home.

The fiji adventure now continues on

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