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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Today is not that sunny, feels even a bit fresh.

Last night we went to Oshin, according to Brisbane's Citysearch Website the "must go" place for japanese food. We had scallop yakitori (skewers), Buto no Kakuni (pork cubes), mixed sashimi and the some tuna and salmon roe sushi. While it was better than Sushi Train (which should not be too hard), we have yet to find the one place we want to go to several times (Like "Makoto" back in Sydney). We also found it a bit pricy (Sushi between 6.60 and 8.80 AUD). But we had a good time. Afterwards we tried one of the very cool features of our hotel: The rooftop spa! They also have a sauna and a BBQ up there, but we have not tried those. Relaxing in warm bubbling water and taking in the Brisbane skyline (though only from the 8th floor) is a really nice thing.

Tired, but just not tired enough, I enjoyed something that I can hardly do in Fiji: zapping through TV channels (with that one channel we have in Fiji, it is not that much fun) ... and I actually stopped at something that I would never have watched back in the USA: The Jerry Springer Show !!! It was quite entertaining, especially wondering what the Australian viewers must think about Americans when watching that. Actually surprising that a show like Springer is shown elsewhere in the world .... but they also show Ricki Lake.

And this is what it looks like when I am hanging out at the Q Street Mall (in this case at "Pig'N Whistle") and use the online connection. Pics taken with my iSight cam.

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